New work by Miley Cyrus

New work from Miley Cyrus and Ariana Grande. It is a cover of the song by Crowded House, Don´t dream, it´s over. The song which can be found on the Facebook page of Miley, the recording of this song has supportive character, since her two singers try to promote Happy Hippie non-profit foundation, dedicated to homeless youth and the community of lesbian, gay, transgender and bisexual.
At the opening of a few of these houses promoted by Happy Hippie, Miley made a controversial statement which stated that it had maintained sentimental relations both with men and women, according to the artist’s textual words, “there are moments in my life that I’ve had girlfriends and boyfriends”. After these words he stated at this point in his life he was no unrelated and was happy to pass this stage of solitude without any partner. Remember that Miley recently gave by ending his relationship with Patrick Schwarzenegger, despite this break Miley is happy to spend a season without having to depend emotionally on someone, and it feels sure of herself without having to share your life with anyone. If we consider these statements we can deduce that the reconciliation of Miley with her former fiancé Liam Hemsworth intense rumors are totally false, rumors that they claimed lives as a result of some pictures of Miley with Liam after his breakup with Schwarzenegger. Beyond all these controversial singer has recently purchased a new House. The mansion is located in the exclusive residential area of California Hidden Hills, it has seven rooms overlooking the field, ten blocks, a chicken coop, an orchard and a vineyard, all by the whopping amount of five million dollars. At the same time have returned to leave controversial images of Miley in which we can see a Moschino dress and underarms with the hair. We already know that the artist is the Queen of provocation since the week is rare that we have no news of any controversy of his own.

False news flooding the network on Austin Mahone

It seems that this year is not being at all good to singer Austin Mahone in what they refer to hoaxes and false news about the artists. As we all know Austin, became known by posting videos of musical performances on YouTube, getting famous with thousands of followers who got captivated by his good voice and charisma. Thanks to this fame achieving its goal of a record in the year 2012, achieving success when entering the Billboard with this album.


These days it has hate the false information that Austin had died, this news came to the fore in a fake Facebook page, created by pranksters with nothing to do, no doubt, but don’t you worry, that the singer still more than alive and with a health more than enviable. Other false news that they have been published of him, it has been their commitment, rumors arose from seeing Austin allegedly out of a jewelry store specializing in rings of commitments with his girlfriend. These alleged images accompany a testimony of a close friend to the couple in which appointed the veracity of these images and comment the strength of the relationship to the alleged compromise of the two. Oblivious to these false rumors the Texan artist has been celebration for his birthday hanging photos in networks of such a great event, to the delight of his supporters. Hopefully not follow invented news of our favorite singer and only speak of it for his achievements in the world of music. Meanwhile, we will be waiting for the new album of the singer and his next concert tour in which we hope that Spain is as a destination for these concerts as expected by the Spanish fans that are increasing the number of them.

New life for Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is has gotten rid of a security guard following the conviction of the guard for assault occurred in February of 2014 photographer in Atlanta. The condemnation was 45 days in prison for the bodyguard. This would not be the first altercation starring security guard since he works for Bieber. He had already starred in another incident in June 2013 in a Miami Studio, the security officer tried to remove the camera a photographer assaulting him in the attempt. In addition to the prison sentence, Hugo Hensy which is called the bodyguard must do day of community service and undergo therapy for anger control.

Justin wanted to silence controversy, why has dismissed it in order to turn the page and thus lead a different life to what has led so far riddled with scandals above all characterized by altercations with law for their conduct. Oblivious to all this controversy the Canadian singer has offered recently statements to media about his small role in the film directed and starring Ben Stiller, Zoolander 2 which has its premiere planned for the coming year. Bieber has stated that its role is going to surprise people and that it will not consist not in singing or in parade, we must not forget that the film tells the adventures of a male model, his cameo will be one of the first to see this tape and show a vision of Bieber to which we are accustomed. Bieber has confessed that nothing daunted when interpreting its role not felt and had eager to delve into the interpretation, but it was not decided until Stiller called him to appear in his film. We’ll see over time if Bieber acting career will continue over time or will focus on his career as a successful singer.