Hunter Parrish’s New Single: The Story Behind The Sound

How about some Hunter Parrish news to brighten your day? The multi-talented actor/musician has just unveiled his first official single, “Sitting At Home,” which is now available to download via iTunes. Go ahead, give it a listen. We challenge you to not get the catchy tune stuck in your head.

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MTV News was lucky enough to sit down with the very humble charmer recently to get some inside info on the story behind the music, which despite the “newness” of this single, he’s been working on since he was just 14 years old.

“I didn’t really feel comfortable sharing it, I wasn’t confident in it, I’d share little pieces,” Hunter explained of his road to recording. “I’ve written probably over 200 songs that have a verse and a chorus and that’s it. I feel like a lot of people are in that place,” he added with a smile. “Then I was able to sing publicly and as part of my acting career and so people are like, ‘Well do you want to do this?’ and [I said] ‘Well actually I already do, I just don’t know how to have confidence in it.'”

Hunter went on to say that he’s getting to a good place in sharing his music with others, particularly after meeting a few guiding lights — or cheerleaders, so to speak.

“I’ve met a couple extraordinary people who have kind of helped light the fire under my butt and showed me to have confidence with what I want to do and stories I want to tell,” he said. “I’m still terrified, very terrified actually, but I think day by day and piece by piece I can feel more comfortable with it and I’m really glad people are enjoying the single and the EP’s coming out so we will see where it goes from there.”

The “Weeds” actor hopes to be able to balance his career with work in both music and in television and film.

“I started doing music the same time professionally with acting and so that’s always been 50/50 for me and then I came to LA and I got ‘Weeds’ and some other films and that kind of took off and became my priority because it had to be,” he said. “I was still doing the music, just not publicly and so now I feel like I kind of want to balance that percentage out again and to be 50/50 [with acting and making music].”

Hunter added that he plans to keep making music, no matter what.

“I don’t know if I really fit into today’s music world, the fans will have to I guess make that [call],” he said. “But I’m going to tell the story I want to tell with my music and write the music I want to write and if people like it and respond to it then great. If they choose to play it on the radio I’d be really excited about that,” he said, flashing another killer smile. “But I’m not going to write for that. I just want to have this outlet for me.”

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Madison & Dallas Lovato NIALL MEETING

Madison DeLaGarza & Dallas Lovato met Niall Horan at the Santa Monica Pier yesterday. Seems like Niall is getting to know the family! Do YOU ship Diall? Madison also commented on the Bella Thorne & Demi Lovato comparison.

UPDATE: According to Violet95 Niall was stalking Maddie and Dallas and his friend was taking pics of them and Dallas noticed them and then yelled out to Niall: “YOU HAVE A CRUSH ON MY SISTER!!!” Demi’s cousin Braeden was talking about it on twitcam. Dallas and Maddie were on the phone too. Apparently Niall was super embarassed by Dallas.

‘Fifty Shades': Casting Christian And Ana (Part 1)

Next to “Catching Fire” Adonis Finnick Odair, the most anticipated casting announcement in Hollywood seems to be who will play lovers Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele in the big-screen adaptation of E.L. James’ kinky novel “Fifty Shades of Grey.” And for good reason. The roles call for two incredibly attractive actors who don’t mind being incredibly naked. A lot.

It’s the kind of saucy stuff speculation is made for, and Hollywood Crush is stepping into the storied Red Room of Pain, as each day this week a different MTV staffer will share her picks for the billionaire babe and the lady who loves him.

Today, I’m kicking things off with “True Blood” actor Alexander Skarsgård and “Like Crazy” actress Felicity Jones!

Alexander as Christian
Uncharacteristically, I’m not particularly beholden to one actor or another for the role of Christian. I could see a number of stars—from Ian Somerhalder to Ryan Gosling—filling out the hunk’s well-worn denim. But I’m giving a slight advantage to my favorite “True Blood” star, because after four-plus seasons of the HBO series, we know exactly what he’s capable of. I mean, the guy made container-storage sex with his sort-of sister inexplicably hot. As Viking vampire Eric Northman, Alexander exudes a cool and confident demeanor that belies some pretty intense heat. And I’m ready to burn.

Felicity as Ana
Felicity broke out last year in the romantic drama “Like Crazy,” but it was her turn as a naive tomboy in the less buzzy rom-com “Chalet Girl” that has me thinking she’d be a smashing Ana. At 28, Felicity can easily pass for a woman in her early twenties, and it’s this inherent innocence that will play well as a shy newcomer to the world of S&M. And with her new, darker locks, she fits my mental image of Ana perfectly.

Don’t agree with my picks for Christian and Ana? Stay tuned all week as we reveal new pairs each day!

Do you think Alex and Felicity are good fits for “Fifty Shades”? Sound off in the comments and on Twitter!

Disney Closes Deal On New Action Comedy (@DisneyPictures)

Hey guys,

Details are basically non-existent at the moment but Disney has reached a seven figure deal with Scott Rosenberg for a new action comedy. Other studios were competing for this project but in the end Disney landed it.

Just based on the details as we have them we believe this is going to be a new movie project . Disney is keeping everything quiet right now and more details will come out about this project in the future. We will let you guys know what we find out when those details are made available.

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