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David Henrie explored his new set and Jennifer Stone posed with David DeLuise, Demi Lovato with Khloe Kardashian at her sister, Kim’s wedding.Vanessa Hudgens got a little crazy with a friend and Chelsea Kane filmed scenes for her guest role on One Tree Hill,Taylor Swift prepped for her first show at the Staples Center while the cast of Lemonade Mouth hit London. Chloe Bridges enjoyed a summer day. Emma Watson was spotted at Kings Cross Station in route to Paris with her boyfriend, Johnny so many sweet pics all rolled in one!

VMA Pre-Show: Our Very Useful Hosting Advice For Selena Gomez

By now, you’ve heard the good news that the lovely Selena Gomez will be MTV’s black-carpet bestie at the upcoming Video Music Awards: co-hosting our live, special pre-show segment and schmoozing it up with the stars we love.

But before the big night rolls around, it’s important to make sure she’s prepared…and because the Hollywood Crush staff have been around the VMA block a time or two—and because, when it comes to the habits of highly effective pre-show hosts, we know all the things—we’re offering Selena a little of our own expert advice on how to avoid five common on-camera blunders! Because when it’s live and anything can happen, you should absolutely not, under any circumstances, break the following rules:

+ Don’t push the fashion envelope too far. How far is too far? Let’s just put it this way: if a pair of buttock-baring leather chaps are involved, you’ve officially overstepped.

+ Don’t pick your nose. Picking your nose at the VMA pre-show is strictly verboten…actually, scratch that, picking ANYTHING is a total no-go. Your nose, your ears, your wedgie? Leave ’em all unpicked, or suffer the consequences.

+ Don’t bring a live badger onto the black carpet. Only Lady Gaga is allowed to do this, and only if she is wearing it as a hat.

+ Don’t touch Justin Bieber. Lovestruck fans of the Biebs are known for turning violent at the mere suggestion of competition from another lady. So, for your own safety, leave his Biebness un-groped.

+ Don’t be nervous. If you’re nervous, everyone will know, and the cameras will start rolling, and video clips of your anxious stuttering will garner millions of hits on YouTube, and the entire world will laugh at you. FOREVER. No pressure, though!

…Of course, Selena isn’t the first Hollywood starlet to help us out with VMA coverage—Ashley Greene and Taylor Swift have walked the red carpet as MTV VMA Fashion Correspondents in years past, with spectacular results. And if our pretty pre-show co-host needs some more specific (or, um, more useful) advice on how to handle her duties, she can always check out their performances… or even get some advice straight from Taylor, circa 2009.

The Evolution Of Selena Gomez: A Look Back At The VMA Pre-Show Host’s Career In Photos

Who would you ask for advice on VMA hosting? And what advice would you give Selena?

New ‘Abduction’ Featurette: Taylor Lautner Flaunts His Muscles

Taylor LautnerFROM MOVIES BLOG: Move over Tom Cruise and Matt Damon, because Taylor Lautner is coming to steal the title of Hollywood’s resident action star.

Mark Wahlberg already told Leonardo DiCaprio that the “Twilight Saga” star has put them out of a job, and it’s about time that the Sylvester Stallones and Bruce Willis’s of the world get the clue as well as a new action hero is born. Lautner’s upcoming flick “Abduction” is looking like it’s going to be the action movie for the new generation, and it’s the 19-year-old’s badass physicality that makes the film something to look forward to.

“Taylor’s not only a really fabulous actor, he’s also a gifted athlete,” “Abduction” costar Jason Isaacs said in a recently released featurette about the movie. “He could take the entire crew with his hands tied behind his back.”

Watch the kick-butt clip at MTV Movies Blog!