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‘Glee’ First Look: Damian McGinty Transfers To McKinley High

Classes won’t be back in session at McKinley High until November 1 (thanks a lot, baseball), but we’re already getting our first look at transfer student Rory, whom you may also know as “Glee Project” winner Damian McGinty.

Fox has released a handful of stills from “Glee“‘s return episode, “Pot O’ Gold” (a title likely hearkening to Damian’s Irish roots), two of which depict very different receptions for the newbie. (Who, we should add, is rocking vintage threads and a pompadour so hard that even Buddy Holly would be impressed.)

In the first, Rory’s already displaying what a natural he is for New Directions by getting picked on by a pack of jocks. Though there’s no slushy in sight, we can’t imagine that colorful hazing is too far off.

Thankfully, in this second shot, the smile on Rory’s face as he meets Brittany and Santana seems to indicate a slightly warmer welcome. (And if this image from EW.com is any indication, it looks like Rory and Brittany will be sharing a few intimate moments…on her bed.)

But I wouldn’t hold your breath for any grand romances between Rory and any glee clubber—at this point Damian is only slated for seven episodes.

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